The Collision


This is one of those times I was glad I carry my digital camera everywhere with me. Unfortunately the batteries needed recharging and made me have to run over to a 7-11 to purchase some.

I was proceeding West on Midlothian this morning, approaching Courthouse/Hugenot Road. As I approached, in the right lane, there was a driver in a Ford Focus who had stopped traffic in the center lane because he wanted to turn right. I was just about to go by him when he came over into my lane. I just about ripped his fender off and bounced my truck up on the curb as I attempted to avoid him. 

Chesterfield Police officer M. S. Bowser could see what happened right away and dismissed the witness who waited around to give his account. The other guy got the ticket.

The truck feels weird when driving now, like the steering is heavy, and I have noticed a lot of shaking when I hit the brakes. Bruce's Super Body Shop, without knowledge of the front end problems or the 20 ounces of coffee in the floor, estimated repairs at $1588.00. (Update: once everything was fixed, and re-aligned, it drives like new now. The brake shaking went away.)

Below you will see pictures of both vehicles and on the next page, the skid marks. Looking at it now, I think that the mirror on the Ford Focus is what put all the black marks on my fender. The fender also has that "ripple" effect now.

Please be patient, the pics are big.


Notice the broken marker light in the pic below.

Got the wheel and the center cap, as seen below. One of 'em took out the Focus' fender. ;)

The Ford Focus, and the driver. I believe the center cap or my wheel is what ripped the fender off, and the center cap didn't even come off my truck!! His hub cap flew into the center of the intersection though.

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